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When you run into the limitations of your cloud services, it can help you switch to a different service. Maybe you need more cloud storage or find your Google Drive working better than OneDrive from Microsoft. We explain how to move your files from one cloud service to another.

OneDrive is already automatically on your computer if you have Windows 10, but Google Drive needs to be downloaded. After installation, choose which folders you want to sync with Drive and choose the location of your Google Drive folder on your PC. If you want to transfer files from OneDrive to Google Drive, it’s a matter of clipping from the OneDrive folder and pasting it into the Google Drive folder in the explorer, and then waiting for the upload to complete.

If you go from Google Drive to OneDrive, you will not be able to open all file types if you just move them. Some files have an extension like .gslides or .gdoc. Before you move this type of files, first save them as regular files. For example: open your Google Presentation, click on file and download as Microsoft PowerPoint (.pptx). Keep your faith over good at bare metal servers and get the best solutions now.

Not everything about it

Unfortunately, you cannot transfer everything. Some files must first be downloaded on your PC and then moved to another cloud service. For example, if you make notes in the Google Keep app, you cannot just transfer them to OneDrive and vice versa. Moving photos too is difficult because Microsoft does not have an alternative service for Google Photos.

If your internet is so slow that it takes a long time to download and upload everything, you can also use a service from a third party. A well-known service, which focuses specifically on cloud migrations. This is pricey: 1 dollar per GB with a minimum of 20 GB, so a minimum of 20 dollars.

Microsoft is going to reduce the free storage for OneDrive from 15 GB to 5 GB. That happens on July 27. If you want to save more in Microsoft’s cloud service you have to start paying. Fortunately, there are a number of free alternatives. These are the best alternatives for OneDrive.

This summer, Microsoft will force OneDrive users to stay below 5GB; otherwise you have to pay extra. Those who have stored more than 5 GB on OneDrive have to remove files from the Microsoft cloud; otherwise they will be removed from the beginning of 2017.

Pay for OneDrive

If you have stored more than 5 GB in OneDrive, you will have to withdraw the wallet later. The cheapest subscription is currently $ 2, – per month. You get 50 GB of storage space for that.

Especially when you are a satisfied free user of OneDrive, a subscription is worth considering. You can also look for a subscription that costs $ 4.20. This allows you to store 1 terabyte and use Office 365 from Microsoft.

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