Best Mobile Phones Available In The Internet
Thursday, September 29th, 2016 | Author:

In our day to day life technology plays an important role in life. Mobile phones control our life no one can think about the day they can spend without mobile phones. IPHONE is a high end mobile device from apple. The difference between other smart phones and iPhone is it is very advanced both technically and in design. The 7 series phone which was launched 20 days ago was the most compact advanced mobile available in market. The customers used to stand in queue in front of the shop 2 days before the release, just like the model the price of the mobile phone is also very high. But most of the people ready to buy the phone because it is worth it.

The retina display ,removing the headphone jack and using the power cord for connecting the headphones are the latest moves by the company and it also introduced water resistant in the latest model. You have to use a small converter to use your normal headphones and the minimum available memory is 32gb.So you can store more photos and songs in your phone and it also has two cameras in 7s model which makes you to take pro quality pictures which are equal to DSLR .get the details by using this site

Advantages Of Iphone 7s

The front camera also has the maximum quality and it doesn’t have a flash at the front side but in night conditions it takes very nice pictures. In the future we can expect retina scan using front camera for security purposes. Iphone 7 also removed the front button instead it is using just a gesture scanner only a small fingerprint layer is present it detects the pressure and works according to the move. The battery power is also increased so you can use the mobile for long time. The iPhone 7s series has a larger display when compared to iphone 6 and the wifi standard and Bluetooth standard also increased when compare to the versions in the past .so it works so easily and firstly in the wireless mode.