Internet and digital marketing is become the most discussed topics and many tourism operating firms are planning to step inside the country of China and neighbouring countries like Indonesia and Philippines for expanding their network. Firms that are planning to expand their business to the country of China and Indonesia can progress wonderfully only when they are able to attract Chinese market. They have to advertise their customized packages and tour plans to the firms and individuals those who are living in the country of China and Indonesia only through their local languages like mandarin. Chinese loves baidu much better than other search engine platforms since it translates English and other languages quickly to Chinese language. Tourism is a flourishing market and many eastern countries like Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia and China have lots of tourist spots. Branded companies that are operating in western countries love to travel to Bali which is in Indonesia for relaxation and other conference. So, when the tourist operators those who are functioning in the western countries convert their thoughts in Chinese language they will get many customers quickly. Many people those who are living in several parts of the world use only websites for booking their customized travel plan or vacation plan.

Showcase the tourist plans brightly through local languages

Even Chinese love touring and they pack up their bags to Indonesia for touring certain places like Bali, Sumatra and java. It is worth to note that GLCtour is going on briskly and the tourism companies can focus on multiplying their profits when they use the Chinese search engines immaculately. Startup firms those who are planning to launch e-tourism website should think of optimizing the website in all possible ways. If they are able to do this they can improve their brand presence in the country of China quickly. Millions of people those who are living in the country of china use internet for hours together in a day and surf tons of sites in a day. So, the tourist operators those who are serious in their business should be online round the clock and chat with the customers then and there.