Sales managers bring to business most of all benefit when interacting with potential clients in private. For this reason, 80% of them consider that the phone is the most effective channel for closing deals. The main tool used for this purpose is the sales and distribution CRM
The main complexity consists here that the organization of a meeting or conversation with the potential client demands performance of a set of the repeating tasks with which the ordinary person badly copes. To protect itself from this problem, you can automate similar processes and release even more time for individual work with leads.
Interactions in private are crucial for the closing of transactions, but it is difficult to scale them. Whereas for several telephone conversations someone needs the whole hour, you can prepare and distribute about 200 personalized letters for a half of this time.
As email marketingdoesn’t mean communication in real-time mode, it allows you to focus on the creation of the personalized content. The repeating materials and planning of sending can be charged to your Sales Force Automation software.
Let’s review an example. The majority of words in letters can repeat, and it means that you can create a template with gaps in those places which you want to personalize. If you use such tool you need to think over only information for filling of a template — service will save from need to write the new message for each campaign.
Such an approach is really very effective if to consider that at cold mailing only a half of answers which you receive comes after your first email. Within the recent research, the Kissmetrics team has analyzed more than 600 000 cold email-campaigns sent from the platform to learn what percent of positive responses clients received after each letter. They have found out that for receiving 97% of potential answers you have to distribute at least 4 messages.

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