What You Can Actually Get from the SEO Companies Now
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Most recently, we have an article with advice on the selection of a contextual advertising agency. This is the right material for those who are looking for or already working with an agency that is engaged in contextual advertising to promote the client business on the Web. However, an important component of this advancement is the SEO-optimization of the site. In this article we will try to describe some rules that need to be considered when choosing an SEO contractor. The Salterra SEO company happens to be the best in it.


For starters, it’s worth describing in simple language what SEO is. Search Engine Optimization is the optimization of a site for easier finding it in search engines. From the quality of search engine optimization of your site and the relevance to search engine ranking factors depends on the order number in the issue for a particular query that interests you.

  • At this time, the situation is such that for the first places in the search results for many requests have long been actively fighting.
  • If there is a need to promote the site to the top of the search results, there is a need for hiring a professional who understands this and can qualitatively promote the site in the search engines. There is a question of choice: to use the services of a freelancer, hire a professional who will be constantly engaged in this, in the company staff or contact an SEO agency. The first option is quite dangerous, since such a freelancer may be practically a schoolboy who decided to earn some money, or simply a person who is not particularly versed in the promotion. The second option is quite expensive: in addition to the salary of the employee, you need to provide it with a workplace, pay taxes, etc. It remains the most optimal third option, which is used by the majority – hiring a professional SEO agency.

We will try to consider some aspects of site optimization and, based on them, we will make recommendations on the choice of the SEO agency.This will make a qualitative optimization of the site.

In general, there are several stages of work for obtaining traffic from search results:

  • Compilation of a semantic kernel – selection of queries for potential customers to search your site in the search engine;
  • Internal optimization – working with the site (working with texts, internal structure and site code);
  • External promotion – work with the external visibility of the site (placing press releases, articles, working with directories and buying reference mass).

More details on the construction of the semantic kernel. This is one of the most important steps in website optimization. The semantic core of your site is actually a list of the main search queries that correspond to the industry in which your company operates, that is, it can be the transfer of services or goods, brands and models of products sold. For more correct work, the SEO agency should request the customer access to the site statistics counter and the webmaster’s panel. This is done so that the optimizer can look and confidently say which of the requests those visitors go to the site, give the greatest conversion.


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